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Released: 3rd May 2019


lp + download

Released: 3rd May 2019


our love affair with this alt-folk quartet is getting silly now; musically, it’s the most ambitious record they’ve done and lenker’s poignant, quivering vocals are as arresting as ever.

Amidst finger-picked guitar strings and strapping snare tumbles, Lenker’s vocals sashay from Kate Bush at her most understated to the trembling vulnerability of Joanna Newsom. There is a comforting layer of atmosphere to this record. It's quiet and unassuming with wild gesticulations that will catch many by surprise. “There’s a mystical bind to UFOF that grips the listener and never lets go”  9/10 - Uncut



  1. Contact
  2. UFOF
  3. Cattails
  4. From
  5. Open Desert
  6. Orange
  7. Century
  8. Strange
  9. Betsy
  10. Terminal Paradise
  11. Jenni
  12. Magic Dealer