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Lee "Scratch" Perry




Released: 31st May 2019


lp + download

Released: 31st May 2019


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Released: 31st May 2019


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Dub-le trouble – Adrian Sherwood and the upsetter are about to tear up your soundsystem with some bass laden delights with an autobiographical twist from perry.

The project was created over the course of two years, with recording sessions in Jamaica, Brazil and the UK; according to Sherwood, it’s their “best work in years.” “It’s the most intimate album Lee has ever made, but at the same time the musical ideas are very fresh. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve come up as a piece of work,” Adrian Sherwood shares. ““Music is lovely because it stimulates people, superficial music doesn’t. If you make something that you put your heart and soul into and really try to push it so it leaps out the speakers at you, and if there’s a good feel to it, then you’ve achieved something”



  1. Cricket on the Moon
  2. Run Evil Spirit
  3. Let it Rain
  4. House Of Angels
  5. Makumba Rock
  6. African Starship
  7. Kill Them Dreams Money Worshippers
  8. Children Of The Light
  9. Autobiography Of The Upsetter