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Gang Of Four

Happy Now

Gang of Four

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Released: 19th Apr 2019


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Released: 19th Apr 2019


the superlatively inspirational post-punk band return with a record that retains the hallmarks that made their sound so beloved, whilst updating that angular sound with soothing waves of synth.

When they burst onto the scene in the late seventies, they tore up the template and made sense of the question marks thrown up by year zero. They redesigned rock in the punk aftermath, taking the incendiary energy of the form and crisscrossing it with funk, stripping away the baggage of rock excess and creating a new stripped-down music that was full of agit energy, heavy grooves, shrapnel guitars and politically charged lyrics matching the fervour of the times. In short, they came up with post punk. “post-punk pioneers remain poitical but embraxce the electronic” – uncut.

Happy Now


  1. Toreador
  2. Alpha Male
  3. One True Friend
  4. Ivanka: ‘My Names On It’
  5. Don’t Ask Me
  6. Change The Locks
  7. I’m A Liar
  8. White Lies
  9. Paper Thin
  10. Lucky