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sunn 0)))

life metal

southern lord


Released: 13th Apr 2019


super limited yellow 2lp

Released: 29th Nov 2019


with steve albini’s meaty production at its foundation, the doom-drone trio create a titanically satisfying sonic atmosphere that, despite its intense decibel count (which must be as high as humanly tolerable), exudes a cathartic calmness.

Albini’s all-analogue production and the contribution of guests add heft and texture to sounds that combine Sunn O)))’s customary force with a subtlety that can be astonishing. More mellifluous than menacing despite its formidable display of power. 'Life Metal' may be the richest work in the band’s 21-year mission to reconfigure Tony Iommi-worthy riffage into a soundtrack for mindful meditation. “albini also deserves a medal: even at moderate volume, parts of ‘life metal’ may loosen your neighbours’ guttering” 4/5 – mojo.

life metal


  1. Between Sleipnirs Breaths (12.36)
  2. Torubled Air (11.45)
  3. Aurora (19.06)
  4. Novæ (26.24)