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This Is Not A Safe Place

Wichita Recordings Ltd

limited 2lp + download

Released: 16th Aug 2019


Having made a seriously impressive comeback with 2017's radiant 'Weather Diaries', their second reunion album pits melody-soaked, jangly dreampop against the crunch of more propulsive shoegaze heft.

The sparkling 'Future Love' features Ride’s lush, signature harmonies. They’ve always had a Byrds side to them & it plays out nicely here in a 'Twisterella' kind of way. Most of the album operates comfortably in this area, capitalising on their established strengths. However, 'Repetition' takes the band to a whole new level & brings them not only bang up to date but confidently propels them into the future too. It's a beatific, jerky & experimental pop song that feels like it holds the rest of the album together. Andy Bell clearly feels the same: "It was one of the very first songs written for the album, and has always felt to me like one of the best songs I've written. It has a great dual harmony vocal from myself and Mark". Existing fans will relish the familiar whilst there's also plenty of room for new fans to hitch a Ride. Fans of DIIV, Slowdive & Beach House should hop on board.

This Is Not A Safe Place

  1. R.I.D.E.
  2. Future Love
  3. Repetition
  4. Kill Switch
  5. Clouds of Saint Marie
  6. Eternal Recurrence
  7. 15 Minutes
  8. Jump Jet
  9. Dial Up
  10. End Game
  11. Shadows Behind the Sun
  12. In This Room