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Planetworks / Yeasayer Records

cd + poster

Released: 7th Jun 2019



Released: 7th Jun 2019


their fifth album is a glittering love letter to glam pop and new wave that has us wanting to dance from the rooftops.

This is easily their most powerful and accessible album to date, whilst capturing what it's like to be alive in 2019 with wide-eyed clarity. The songs veer from the intensely personal and romantic to the fervently political-an eminently danceable record that challenges their audience and makes them think a bit more slowly to ponder issues so germane to our maddening, speed of light era of content consumption. Fans of 80 bowie, talking heads, st. Vincent and tune-yards should check this out!



  1. People I Loved
  2. Ecstatic Baby
  3. Crack A Smile
  4. Blue Skies Dandelions
  5. Let Me Listen In On You
  6. i'll Kiss You Tonight
  7. 24-Hour Hateful Live!
  8. Ohm Death
  9. Fluttering In The Floodlights