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Wes Montgomery

Wes's Best: The Best of Wes Montgomry on Resonance



Released: 14th Jun 2019


In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, Resonance is launching a series of compilations culled from its vast catalog highlighting both living artists as well as jazz greats of the past.

The artwork for the first 4 titles in the series is by Takao Fujioka, the acclaimed Japanese artist who is also the chief editor of Way Out West magazine in Japan. Takao’s unique and striking artwork has graced countless album covers, including Resonance’s 2016 Stan Getz release Moments in Time, and he has had exhibitions all over the world.

Wes's Best: The Best of Wes Montgomry on Resonance


  1. Jingles (Smokin’ In Seattle)
  2. Mr. Walker (Back On Indiana Avenue)
  3. West Coast Blues (Smokin’ In Seattle)
  4. Four On Six (Back On Indiana Avenue)
  5. Once I Loved (O Amor Em Paz) (Smokin’ In Seattle)
  6. Wes’ Tune (In The Beginning)
  7. Li’l Darling (One Night In Indy)
  8. Down To Big Mary’s (In The Beginning)
  9. Diablo’s Dance (Echoes Of Indiana Avenue)
  10. Nica’s Dream (Echoes Of Indiana Avenue)
  11. Give Me The Simple Life (One Night In Indy)
  12. ‘Round Midnight (Back On Indiana Avenue)