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Miami Memory
  1. Stepdad
  2. Miami Memory
  3. Far From Born Again
  4. Gaslight
  5. Bad For The Boys
  6. End is Nigh
  7. PC With Me
  8. Divorce
  9. Other Ladies
  10. Too Far

Alex Cameron

Miami Memory

Secretly Canadian
  • cd

    Released: 13th Sep 2019

  • lp + download

    Released: 13th Sep 2019


Cameron’s gift for delivering excruciating lines with an eye full of twinkles continues with this sardonic tour of his increasingly earnest persona.

Alex Cameron’s newest and most musically expansive LP, the glistening Miami Memory, takes a surprising turn. Cameron’s dad rock funhouse of an album ultimately twists and subverts the genre: it recalls classics the white male ego has historically visited for its regular adrenaline injection, and morphs them into a singular “stepdad” rock that largely turns its lens away from the dads, celebrating the demise of old norms of gender and power.