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Snail Mail


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Lindsey Jordan’s teen indie-rock debut ‘Lush’ was thankfully just the beginning.
Snail Mail


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originally only available on cassette, lindsey jordan’s ep debut is back on something bigger and demonstrates that, even at the age of only 17, her incred...
HABIT (2019 reissue)
  1. Thinning
  2. Habit
  3. Static Buzz
  4. Dirt
  5. Slug
  6. Stick
  7. The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl In The World (bonus track)

Snail Mail

HABIT (2019 reissue)

Matador Records
  • 12"

    Released: 30th Aug 2019


Available in its first pressing for Matador Records, Snail Mail’s debut EP “Habit” serves as a nascent example of Lindsey Jordan’s extraordinary talent as a songwriter, singer and guitarist.

The seven song disc features the six original 2016 tracks as well as “The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl In The World,” penned by K Records band Courtney Love and recorded by Snail Mail in 2018, available on record for the first time. The EP features a full-colour cover as it had originally been designed, and has been remastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters.