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Joan Shelley

Like The River Loves The Sea

No Quarter


Released: 30th Aug 2019


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Released: 30th Aug 2019


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Stunning songwriting that recalls the Appalachian greats – Shelley’s incredible voice and songwriting are front and center here for an album that’s both wider reaching yet more intimate than ever before.

Recorded with modern folk greats Nathan Salsburg & James Elkington in Iceland, ‘Like The River Loves The Sea’ is an honest and open album that’ll have fans of all from Vashti Bunyan to Karen Dalton to Julie Byrne hooked from the first swelling strings. “exquisite… shelley’s luminously inviting voice is framed by sensitive arrangements…as she excamines the necessity of finding something of beauty in the most testing circumstances” 9/10 - uncut

Like The River Loves The Sea

  1. Haven
  2. Coming Down For You
  3. Teal
  4. Cycle
  5. When What It Is
  6. The Fading
  7. The Sway
  8. Awake
  9. Stay All Night
  10. Tell Me Something
  11. High On The Mountain
  12. Any Day Now