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No Treasure But Hope



Released: 15th Nov 2019


180g lp + die-cut sleeve + download

Released: 15th Nov 2019


limited indies-only 180g clear lp + die-cut sleeve + download

Released: 15th Nov 2019


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stuart staples and co have pulled out the big guns for their 12th album; a vivid tapestry of spacious art-rock atmospherics that hit you like a subtle bulldozer.

Rich in intuitive warmth, lush melodies and an inquisitive spirit, it’s an album that casts a fresh light on Tindersticks’ core qualities, bathed in the glow of a band intent on rediscovering what they can do. Expanding the horizon without losing the focus, the record manages to collect some of the band’s most immediate work in one outstanding album. This will be the bands twelfth record, the earliest Tindersticks release being in 1991. “gloom-mongers reach for the light” 8/10 – uncut.

No Treasure But Hope


  1. For The Beauty
  2. The Amputees
  3. Trees Fall
  4. Pinky In The Daylight
  5. Carousel
  6. Take Care In Your Dreams
  7. See My Girls
  8. The Old Mans Gait
  9. Tough Love
  10. No Treasure But Hope