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Nightmare Forever 

castle face records


Released: 6th Dec 2019


very limited pink /yellow lp + download

Released: 6th Dec 2019


out of stock

standard lp + download

Released: 13th Dec 2019


bubbling garage psych with a devilish twist of prog squeezed into it, nolan’s acidic arrangements mix fuzzy guitars with animated flute phrases and skittering snare drums, making for a very pleasant trip indeed.

“These are the peaks and valleys of the mighty Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band, conceptual in feel and flow, a lovely lilting ride and then, up through the floor boards, a warrior incants into the frothing night a huge band, heavy and tumultuous like a war machine rumbling thru the ash. Dreamy and lucid keys, strings, drum corps, slippery guitar and buff bass, ripe flutes and breezy vocals. For fans of Embryo, the Mothers, Pink Floyd, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Moody Blues, the Stark Reality, and Placebo. They’re from Austin, Texas, but you’d swear it’s from 1972 Europa-Mothership. Like their vodka, it surpasses expectations and fucking crushes.” — John Dwyer.

Nightmare Forever 


  1. Nightmare Theme
  2. Caberfae Peaks
  3. Elf Curse
  4. Seahorse Retreat
  5. Pity In The City
  6. Dosing The President
  7. Donny’s Trip
  8. Singing A Single Song Of Satan
  9. A Wizard Of The Wind
  10. Nightmare Forever