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Nyx Nott (aidan moffat)

Aux Pieds de la Nuit


limited indies-only cd

Released: 14th Feb 2020


limited indies-only heavyweight lp + 7" + download

Released: 14th Feb 2020


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limited ultra clear lp + 7" (300 only)

Released: 1st May 2020


All round cheery chap, Aidan Moffat, takes us on a Lynchian romp through his nocturnal and crepuscular world.

The essence of night and Moffat’s moonlit tinkerings became such a prominent role in the creative process that his new alias had to reflect this too: Nyx and Nótt are two mythical goddesses of night, Nyx from the Greek and Nótt from old Norse. The result is an album that pulses like the quiet hum of night; the production is clear and crisp with every movement, note and sound augmented with stark clarity - like the amplified sound of a creaking floorboard as you move through the house in darkness. It’s a deeply percussive album, resulting in gentle rhythms that often give way to moments of real stillness and tenderness that stem from the rich orchestration and composition - one that glides from strings to brass to quietly purring electronics. FFO: Twin Peaks, Angelo Badalamenti, Bohren & Der Club of Gore.

Aux Pieds de la Nuit


  1. Mickey Mouse Strut
  2. The Prairie
  3. Words of Wonder
  4. Theme from
  5. Shirley Jackson on Drums
  6. Long Intervals of Horrible Sanity
  7. Citation Needed