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Johanna Warren

Chaotic Good

Wax Nine Records


Released: 15th May 2020


limited transparent red lp + download

Released: 15th May 2020


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harbouring a tracklist replete with individual personalities, warren's mercurial folk sound shifts between hazy psychedelia, explosions of grunge and acoustic introversions that will unite fans of joni mitchell, julia jacklin, laura marling and big thief.

It represents a moment of rupture in the singer-songwriter’s career as she transitions away from the quiet, folk-adjacent work that defined her early solo albums. Here, Warren flits between crushing admissions set to spare piano solos and muscular declarations of independence that have more in common with grunge acts of bygone years than anything we’ve heard from Warren in the past. “'Chaotic Good' is a metamorphosis,” Warren says. “It’s my phoenix moment. Everything I’ve done before was just building the funeral pyre.” The Oregon-based singer-songwriter's taut new album channels the wounded spirit of Elliott Smith” 7.9 – pitchfork.

Chaotic Good


  1. Rose Potion
  2. Part of It
  3. Only the Truth
  4. Bed of Nails
  5. Twisted
  6. Hole in the Wall
  7. Faking Amnesia
  8. Every Death
  9. Thru Yr Teeth
  10. Bones of Abandoned Futures