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Ten Times the World Lied

glacial movements


Released: 15th May 2020


A glacially ascending, first-time purely instrumental and absolutely transcendent release from one of the greatest and most prolific artist on the planet.

there is something divine in bvdub's music. his soundscapes spread in the air as if they were delicate and slow movements of the northern lights, or the wind that blows on the flowers of the trees in spring. These ten songs are impossible to describe in words, but they will breach the heart of all those who lose themselves in this sonic wonder. completely devoid of vocals for the first time ever, brock van way (bvdub) spins out layers upon layers of divine clouds, gradually darkening, gradually closing in - all expertly mastered by the artist himself. Highly recommended if you enjoy the soothing drones of Tim Hecker, Fennesz, Biosphere, Gas, or Belong “as with most of van Wey’s oeuvre, the tone is one of higher surrender. There are truths we may never know, but there is also comfort, majesty, awe.” - A Closer Listen

Ferg says: “A gorgeous wash of heart-rending synth drones that disarms & doses me of an evening, ready for a tearful night's sleep.”

Ten Times the World Lied


  1. Not Yours to Build
  2. Not Yours to Say
  3. Not Yours to Give
  4. Not Yours to Know
  5. Not Yours to See
  6. Not Yours to Find
  7. Not Yours to Keep
  8. Not Yours to Take
  9. Not Yours to Rule
  10. Not Yours to Break