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This Train I Ride (Original Soundtrack)

Invada Records


Released: 12th Feb 2021


true to form, ellis' locomotive soundtrack is utterly compelling, as it uses chugging train samples to inform its percussion & stunning synths that brilliantly capture that certain dreamy wooziness that comes with watching the world blur past your eyes.

My idea was to record, collate & produce the music on trains, in the spirit of the women in this documentary. Brian was so encouraging with this approach & told me about a train journey he had taken in the 80’s with no fixed destination. Over the next month I sat with my computer, loops, iPhone, Reface DX synthesiser & forgotten ideas & composed the music on the Metro & Eurostar & in various hotels while working on Ghosteen. I would send the pieces to Arno from the train, or wherever I was located, & he edited them into the film.” - Warren Ellis.

This Train I Ride (Original Soundtrack)

  1. This Train I Ride
  2. Because I Was A Girl
  3. Westbound
  4. The Rules Concerning
  5. Men
  6. Airport Train
  7. I'll Hop Trains The Rest
  8. Of My Life
  9. Freight Train
  10. Mystery Train