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Blanck Mass

Calm With Horses (Original Score)

Invada Records


Released: 29th May 2020


limited black & white marble LP + Download

Released: 29th May 2020


like a jet pilot breaking through to clear skies, the turbulent beats of bjp's previous lps have (mostly) melted away to reveal a lustrous swirl of epic synth arrangements.

Blanck Mass’ first feature length, synth-heavy score. Blanck Mass is the solo project of Benjamin John Power. The musician, also one half of Fuck Buttons, has been making music under the moniker since 2010 and has released three albums on Sacred Bones, 2015's 'Dumb Flesh', 2017's 'World Eater' and 2019’s 'Animated Violence Mild'. 'Calm With Horses', Nick Rowland’s feature film debut, is a raw and beautiful tale of one man’s struggle to navigate both crime and family life in rural Ireland. Fans of caterina barbieri, tim hecker, windy and carl and loscil should pay attention.

Calm With Horses (Original Score)


  1. Violent Child
  2. The Devers
  3. Jack's Theme
  4. Different Breed
  5. Halfwit
  6. Sleepless
  7. The Cliff
  8. Loyal Skins
  9. Heck Speaks
  10. Descent
  11. That Plank In Your Eye
  12. Manipulation
  13. Prove Yourself
  14. Photograph
  15. Nothing That Cannot Be
  16. Turned Back
  17. Leaving
  18. Credits