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Julianna Barwick


cd - £8.99 | Buy
builds upon the sparse instrumentation & loop-based vocal arrangements of her debut.
Julianna Barwick


cd - £9.99
a collection of short loop based tracks make up this self-released debut, now made more widely available.

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Healing Is A Miracle
  1. Inspirit
  2. Oh, Memory ft. Mary Lattimore
  3. Healing Is A Miracle
  4. In Light ft. Jónsi
  5. Safe
  6. Flowers
  7. Wishing Well
  8. Nod ft. Nosaj Thing

Julianna Barwick

Healing Is A Miracle

Ninja Tune
  • lp + download

    Released: 10th Jul 2020

  • cd

    Released: 10th Jul 2020

  • love record stores edition - lp + 12"x12" prints

    Released: 5th Dec 2020


as its title suggests, barwick's angelic vocals and rejuvenating electronic oceans capture the sensation of wounds knitting back together and relief from pain.


A distinctive meditation on sound, reverb and the voice, this record was built on improvisation and a close affinity to a couple of trusted items of gear, from which she spins engrossing, expansive universes. Additionally, Barwick draws on the input of three collaborators with whom she has nurtured deep friendships with over the years: Jónsi (Sigur Rós), Nosaj Thing and Mary Lattimore; who each gently nudge out at the edges of her organically-evolved sound. “comforting and angelic, kindred to the work of Grouper and Susumu Yokota” 8/10 – loud and quiet.