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A slick, neon-doused, psychedelic turn that will earn many remarkable comparisons yet it's the funk slap riding along the record's central spine that gi...

Mildlife Remixed

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Following the success of 'Phase', Research brings you an all-star cast delivering remixes of their pick from Mildlife's debut album released early 2...
  1. Rare Air 00:06:53
  2. Vapour 00:04:23
  3. Downstream 00:06:21
  4. Citations 00:08:51
  5. Memory Palace 00:06:42
  6. Automatic 00:08:41



heavenly recordings
  • limited heavyweight lp with locked groove

    Released: 25th Sep 2020


Hazy library grooves meet jazz, krautrock and Balearic groove in equal measure for a simply sublime new genre made of pure, unadulterated vibes.

These midtempo jams are a woozy dream of yacht rock inspired beauty, full of layer after layer of expansive, gorgeous instrumentation and texture building. Big, big tip for fans of four tet’s spacier moments, the oft missed Swedish duo studio and the ever wonderful too slow to disco compilations.