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north americans

roped in

third man


Released: 9th Oct 2020


super limited rainbow trout LP

Released: 9th Oct 2020


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Gorgeous psychedelic folk music in the truest sense – this rotating cast of musicians that feature Mary Lattimore and William Tyler aren’t afraid to bend the rulebook to get fascinating, previously unheard results.

Pedal Steel and Nylon String guitar intertwine to create ethereal crystalline drones and twinkling hypnotic moods. Simple music. 'Somewhere between dusk and nightfall...a meditative medley of color' -Lars Gotrich, NPR 

roped in


  1. Memory of Lunch
  2. Rivers That You Cannot See
  3. Furniture in the Valley
  4. American Valley
  5. Yearling
  6. Run Down
  7. Good Doer
  8. Greetings From A Distant Friend 4. Break Maiden