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We knew these Swedish sisters were special from the moment we heard 2009’s ‘Drunken Trees’ EP & it’s been awesome to hear how they&r...

The Big Black And The Blue

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the Swedish folk duos’ fourth studio album retains their signature brand of exquisite, lilting harmonies and unforgettable, quivering melodies, whilst its...

stay gold

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Swedish sisters Klara & Johanna Söderberg have honed their musical skills & blossomed as vivid storytellers in creating an ambitious 10-song collec...

The Lion's Roar

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a bewitching & jaw-dropping album of arresting melodies inhabited with a huge, wise spirit - the most beautiful swedish americana album you’ll ever he...

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leonard cohen

you want it darker

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His voice is devilishly smouldering in its spoken-word delivery, the strings add wonderful depth and the female harmonies bring warmth to this outstanding set f...
Loney Dear

a lantern and a bell

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Sad soulful melodies that create space in your head that fill with memories, dreams and tenderness.
who by fire
  1. Tired  (First Aid Kit, Nina Zanjani, Maia Hansson-Bergqvist)
  2. Suzanne  (First Aid Kit)
  3. Sisters of Mercy  (First Aid Kit, Nina Zanjani, Maia Hansson-Bergqvist)
  4. Who by Fire / As The Mist Leaves No Scar  (First Aid Kit, Nina Zanjani, Maia Hansson-Bergqvist)
  5. Twelve O'Clock Chant (First Aid Kit, Nina Zanjani, Maia Hansson-Bergqvist)
  6. Everybody Knows  (Frida Hyvönen, First Aid Kit) 
  7. Avalanche (Loney Dear)
  8. The Future (Maia Hansson-Bergqvist, First Aid Kit, Nina Zanjani)
  9. Chelsea Hotel No.5  (Jesper Lindell, First Aid Kit)
  10. You Want It Darker  (First Aid Kit, Nina Zanjani, Maia Hansson-Bergqvist)
  11. If It Be Your Will  (First Aid Kit)
  12. The Asthmatic  (Nina Zanjani, Maia Hansson-Bergqvist, First Aid Kit)
  13. Famous Blue Raincoat / Anthem  (Maja Francis, First Aid Kit, Nina Zanjani)
  14. Show Me The Place  (Jesper Lindell, First Aid Kit)
  15. Hallelujah (Annika Norlin, First Aid Kit)
  16. Prayer for Messiah  (Klara Söderberg)
  17. Bird on the Wire  (First Aid Kit )
  18. Who by Fire (Reprise) / Letter to Marianne  (First Aid Kit, Nina Zanjani, Maia Hansson-Bergqvist)
  19. So Long Marianne  (First Aid Kit, Frida Hyvönen, Loney Dear, Jesper Lindell, Annika Norlin, Maja Francis, Nina Zanjani, Maia Hansson-Bergqvist)
  20. You'd Sing Too  (Johanna Söderberg)




who by fire

  • cd + poster

    Released: 26th Mar 2021


The soderberg sisters’ full concert paying tribute to the invincible songbook of leonard cohen is just about the most beautiful cocktails of musical talent we could imagine.

performed across two nights at the Royal Dramaten Theatre in Stockholm in March of 2017, "Who By Fire" is a theatrical staging of Leonard Cohen’s songs, poems and letters. Conceived and anchored by First Aid Kit, the band are joined by an array of guest artists, two actors, an 8-member band and strings and on two songs a 20 strong choir. An incredibly ambitious undertaking, they selected and sequenced all of the material performed and collaborated with the theatre and their music director to stage and orchestrate the show.