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Dirty Projectors


Domino Records

limited Indies only crystal clear 2lp + download

Released: 20th Nov 2020



Released: 20th Nov 2020


Spotlighting a different band member on each ep, this anthology compiles them all together into a sensational composite of extravagant ideas – it’s a renaissance resulting in a more cohesive direction for the famously creatively erratic project.

Each EP features a different band member on lead vocals — Maia, Felicia, Kristin & Dave — with everyone trading verses on the fifth and final instalment. “This album is fun to listen to. The songs breeze by. It’s a 20 track album which feels half the length and the Dirty Projectors are now resolutely a band, and a band reborn” 9/10 – the line of best fit.




  1. On The Breeze
  2. Overlord
  3. Search For Life
  4. Guarding The Baby
  5. Inner World
  6. Lose Your Love
  7. Self Design
  8. Empty Vessel
  9. Holy Mackerel
  10. I Get Carried Away
  11. You Create Yourself
  12. Moon, If Ever
  13. Eyes On The Road
  14. There I Said It Bird’s Eye
  15. Now I Know
  16. Por Qué No
  17. Searching Spirit
  18. No Studying
  19. My Possession