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sleaford mods

Divide and Exit (10th Anniversary Edition)

limited remastered clear red LP + bonus 'Git Some Balls' flexi in gatefold sleeve with alternate cover art + cold war steve postcard - £31.99 | Pre Order
remastered black LP in gatefold sleeve + cold war steve postcard - £21.99 | Pre Order

remastered CD + cold war steve postcard - £11.99 | Pre Order
This reissue offers a chance to fully appreciate a band hitting their artistic stride while acknowledging and commiserating that many of the dark forces that in...
sleaford mods

West End Girls

limited 12" - £12.99 | Buy
The East Midlands men play havoc with those West End Girls, cuffing the anti-Thatcher sentiment into an equally dystopian era of Tory misrule.
sleaford mods

UK Grim

limited white lp - £21.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy
As the Nottingham duo's most dancefloor-friendly release to date, ‘UK GRIM’ is an urgent and sage-like look at life, living and the gritty reali...
sleaford mods

divide and exit (2020 reissue)

limited transparent blue lp - £18.99 | Buy
Reissue of classic 2014 album.
sleaford mods


2lp - £24.99 | Buy
a collection of songs spanning the last seven years of the bands career; an array of crowd pleasers, B sides, unheard tracks and rarities for us to obsess about...
sleaford mods

Eton Alive

lp + download - £15.99 | Buy
Though their shtick is no longer shocking, the ‘mods revel in being the well established nihilistic voice of Britain, exploring the absurdity of it all wi...

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lp - £21.99 | Buy
cd - £9.99 | Buy
after teasing us with two exhilarating eps, the Melbourne punk gang’s debut full-length is the enormously satisfying answer to our prayers, revelling in t...
Billy Nomates

Billy Nomates

limited yellow lp + download - £22.99 | Buy
infectious tunes wrapped around liberated, sans-bullshit lyricism suggest this post-punk pop singer is an anti-star in the making.
Baxter Dury

The Night Chancers

LP + Download - £23.99 | Buy
cd - £10.99
Dirty slow-grinding grooves & deadpan witticisms ahoy! Dury’s back and he’s lost none of his trademark, cigarette-dangling-out-of-the-corner-of-...

Ultra Mono

limited deluxe gatefold lp - £32.99 | Buy
lp - £19.99 | Buy

cd - £9.99 | Buy
Swirling & disorientating guitars, a relentless bass & drum assault and earnest lyrics have made Idles one of the best bands out there of recent years, ...
Spare Ribs
  1. The New Brick
  2. Shortcummings
  3. Nudge It (feat. Amy Taylor)
  4. Elocution
  5. Out There
  6. Glimpses
  7. Top Room
  8. Mork n Mindy (feat. Billy Nomates)
  9. Spare Ribs
  10. All Day Ticket
  11. Thick Ear
  12. I Don't Rate You
  13. Fishcakes

sleaford mods

Spare Ribs

Rough Trade Records
  • LP

  • cd

    Released: 15th Jan 2021


If you’re feeling the least bit politically jaded, this album is going to chime the heck with you, as the Nottingham duo reel off razor sharp invectives, rife with hooks and featuring show-stopping guest spots from amyl & the sniffers’ amy taylor and billy nomates.

Recorded in lockdown in a furious three-week studio blitz at JT Soar in July, the polemical Jason Williamson and dexterous producer Andrew Fearn kick against the pricks with unrivalled bite, railing against hypocrisy, inequality and apathy with their inimitable, scabrous sense of humour. Their sixth lp finds them charged with ire at the UK Government’s sense of entitlement, epitomised by its devil-may-care approach to the coronavirus crisis. “a bracing dose of reality and their best album yet […] The Nottingham duo put COVID Britain bang to rights with stunning production, great guests, scabrous lyrics – and a steadfast refusal to offer easy answers” 5/5 – nme


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