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very limited 2lp

Released: 18th Dec 2020


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This vibrant lockdown set melds Freddy’s fastidious studio chops and love of freewheeling jams with a tautness that comes from over two decades of living and breathing their one true passion.

the 'LOCK-IN' album is a sonic moment in time, as the band jam conscious songs of freedom and hope for a generation. The studio session was captured at the iconic Michael Fowler Centre in the band's hometown of Wellington, New Zealand during the pandemic lockdown. Devoid of audience, it's a reflection of the surreal times that's halted tour life 2020. The band re-located their BAYS studio to the MFC and set up in a circle on the MFC stage for the recording, providing a unique space to jam slow burn classics such as 'Soldier', 'Hope' and 'This Room' as well as test drive 'Avengers' a brand new track in the making. The other tracks recorded are 'Special Edition', 'Six-Eight', 'OneFourteen' and 'Trickle Down' from 'Special Edition Part 1' the band's most recent album. The crisp multi-track production was recorded by Western Audio, monster mix back at BAYS studio by DJ Fitchie, Freddys beat master and producer Mastering at Calyx studio in Berlin.




  1. Special Edition
  2. SixEight
  3. This Room
  4. Trickle Down
  5. Avengers
  6. Soldier
  7. Hope For A Generation
  8. 114