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The William Loveday Intention

The Dept. of Discontinued Lines


4cd box (pre-order)

Expected Release: 19th Feb 2021


A boxed set of 4 CDs featuring the recent studio albums by The William Loveday Intention! For the first time on CD we present the recent studio albums by The William Loveday Intention in a clamshell box set complete with booklet.

The four albums in the set are - People Think They Know Me But They Don’t Know Me Will There Ever Be A Day That You're Hung Like A Thief? Blud Under The Bridge The Bearded Lady Also Sells The Candy Floss For the uninitiated, The William Loveday Intention is the latest band put together by Billy Childish. The four album project includes guest appearances by James Taylor (The Prisoners, JTQ), Dave Tattersall (The Wave Pictures) and Huddie Hamper (The Shadracks) amongst others.

The Dept. of Discontinued Lines


  1. Again and Again
  2. I Wasn't Made For This World
  3. People Think they Know Me (But They Don't Know Me)
  4. this Wondrous day
  5. The Desert's Flame
  6. A-Z of Your heart
  7. The Bitter Cup
  8. My Love For You
  9. Sonora's Death Row
  10. I'm Hurting
  11. you're The One I Idolise
  12. My Father Was A Railroad Man
  13. Again and Again (Reprise)
  14. 100 Yards of Crash Barrier
  15. A La Mort Surbite
  16. Celebrating Weakness
  17. I Don't Like the Man I Am
  18. If They've Got What They Want They've Got You
  19. I'll Tell You Who I'm Not So You'll Know Who I Am
  20. A Self Inflicted Wound
  21. Will There Ever Be That You're Hung Like a Thief?
  22. You're the One I Idolise
  23. You Who Have Always Held Me
  24. Chatham Town Welcomes Desperate Men
  25. Where the Black Water Flows
  26. Exuberant Me
  27. God's Reason Why
  28. It happened Before (Will It Happen Again?)
  29. Roll the Stone Back Across the Mouth of the Cave
  30. Do Not Be Indifferent to Me
  31. A Simple Twist of Fate
  32. Wise Blud
  33. White Whale Blues
  34. The Devil is Choked
  35. Blud Under the Bridge
  36. To Sing the Blues You Gotta Be Blue
  37. When the Eagle Becomes a Hen
  38. Celebrating Weakness
  39. Hanging By a Tenuous Thread
  40. the Bearded Lady Also Sells the Candy Floss
  41. What Kind of Friend Were You
  42. Oh Sister
  43. A Dull Blade
  44. The Department of Discontinued Lines
  45. Thatcher's Children
  46. A Rusty Stain