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dinked 103 - exclusive hand-numbered* light rose lp* + handmade pink tulle sleeve* (400 only) (* exclusive to dinked edition) (pre-order)

Expected Release: 7th May 2021


LP (pre-order)

Expected Release: 7th May 2021


When you hear ‘Oíche’, you’ll understand how easy it is to leave it running on a constant loop; It cocoons you in its minimal electronics, acoustic samples & ethereal vocals that - whilst often sounding distant, transient or subdued - are warm, inviting & comforting.

Sparse & dark yet bright & glistening, it’s insanely addictive! When we first got sent this record to check out as a potential Dinked Edition, it came with a note that said “I think it is really fantastic & have played it about 50 times in the past week & am looking forward to playing it another 50 times”. We’ve probably played it 50 times ourselves since!  Pieced together over five years, Oíche chronicles growth through challenges, instability, and relationship changes, both with one's self and others. The album reveals itself much like a coming of age novel about the breaking apart of girlhood and rebuilding of a young woman. An intimate depiction of discovery, Oíche unearths internal dialogue, and makes peace with uncertainty. Oíche, meaning 'night' in Irish, was recorded in three bedrooms, hospital, and the Domino Recordings studio in Brixton. Fears is London-based Irish artist Constance Keane. Combining reflective electronics, acoustic samples, and haunting vocals with organic visuals, Fears invites the listener on an ethereal journey, blurring the boundaries between music and visual art. Her minimalist approach centres on emotive subjects, which are all-at-once deeply personal yet remarkably universal. Oíche is the first release on TULLE, run by and for exceptional women.




  1. h_always
  2. Bones
  3. daze
  4. Fabric
  5. vines
  6. dents
  7. Brighid
  8. tonnta
  9. Blood
  10. two_


Dinked edition 103

              ●       Light Rose vinyl *

●       Handmade pink tulle record sleeves *

●       Hand-numbered *

              ●       Limited pressing of 400

*exclusive to Dinked Edition