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Jon Hopkins


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By turns devotional, empowering and nurturing, Jon Hopkins’ 'RITUAL' is a 41-minute electronic symphony built from cavernous subs, hypnotic drummi...
Jon Hopkins


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The brain-melting, hard-hitting techno opus that slammed Hopkins name right onto our radar - whilst we're still reeling from the first time this blew our fr...
Jon Hopkins

Music For Psychedelic Therapy

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Taking a different tack on this one, the techno explorer drifted into calmer climes wrought from rolling ambient pads, soothing drones & enough psilocybin t...
Jon Hopkins


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Shaped by his experiences with meditation & trance states, the album flows seamlessly from rugged techno to transcendent choral music, from solo acoustic pi...
piano versions ep
  1. Dawn Chorus
  2. Heron
  3. Modern Driveway
  4. Wintergreen

Jon Hopkins

piano versions ep

  • 12" + download

    Released: 2nd Jul 2021


Presented as the sister record to 2014’s Asleep Versions, Piano Versions is a collection of ambient piano cover versions.

The songs on the EP, originally by Roger & Brian Eno, Thom Yorke, Luke Abbott and James Yorkston are presented in a completely new context to their initial form. On these versions, Hopkins used his upright piano as the centrepiece of the EP, whilst recording the ambient, environmental elements around it. “Piano Versions is four minimal, ambient piano covers of songs I have loved for a long time but that come from very different places. It seems to me that melody is universal and the ones that I really connect to shine out irrespective of genre or context, whether from techno, folk or whatever. I loved the simplicity of having my old upright piano be the centre of a whole record for the first time. But the importance of letting the outside world into the recordings is as present for me as ever, so there are layers of incidental noise, bird song, the sound of someone washing up in the studio kitchen - whatever was going on outside my room is included and even accentuated. I want people to hear not just the recordings but to feel how it felt to be there and make them. It was a deep experience.”