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Leon Bridges

good thing

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his second album embraces the classic sound of his exquisite soul vocals whilst injecting a decidedly modern style of r&b production – perfect ear fod...
Leon Bridges

Coming Home

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At last – a new soul man to rank with the legends.
gold-diggers sound

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  1. Born Again (feat. Robert Glasper)
  2. Motorbike
  3. Steam
  4. Why Don’t You Touch Me
  5. Magnolias
  6. Gold-Diggers (Junior’s Fanfare)
  7. Details
  8. Sho Nuff
  9. Sweeter (feat. Terrace Martin)
  10. Don’t Worry (feat. Ink)
  11. Blue Mesas

Leon Bridges

gold-diggers sound

columbia records

Leon Bridges returns with a confident swagger and an eager ear for a smooth tune - Nothing but good vibes throughout this masterful work.


the third album from leon bridges.