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Do Nothing

Snake Sideways

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Nottingham post-punks Do Nothing blend jerky, spidery rhythms with surreal, half-spoken vocals that recall the Fall 's Mark E Smith.
Do Nothing

the eps

super limited lp in gatefold - 1 per customer - £22.99
Vinyl only compilation of the first two EPs.
Do Nothing

Glueland EP

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Nottingham’s Do Nothing have today revealed a brand new single ‘Glueland’ on their own label Exact Truth.
Adventures In Success (rsd 21)

Do Nothing

Adventures In Success (rsd 21)

Exact Truth
  • Record Store Day 2021 - 12" (500 only)

    Released: 12th Jun 2021

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One off pressing of the bands cover of Will Powers "Adventures In Success" Featuring a never before heard remix by Hiro Ama.