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Released: 2nd Jul 2021


The second installment in the 'Rockin' With The Krauts' mini‐series on Bear Family.

 32 tracks from 1956‐1967 ‐ German Rock 'n' Roll in its pure form, including twist rockers, Madison rockers, jivers, beat rockers and Rock & Roll instrumentals.  The second part is about such exotics as Wolfgang Sauer with his great version of For You My Love, Ted Hiller's version of Memphis, Tennessee, which really slams, and ... German dancing queen Marika Rökk, who delivers a rocker you would never have expected her to do!  Great cover versions and interpretations of U.S. originals such as Caldonia, Nag, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Devil In Disguise and Runaway.  Besides rather unknown musicians like John Dattelbaum, Lutz Dietmar, Little Gerhard, Emanuel & Leon Ardy's Hit‐Cockers, Jack Finey & The Pralins, there are fine rockers from popular stars like Bill Ramsey, Rex Gildo, Billy Mo, Ralf Bendix, Werner Müller and even Marika Rökk, which you would never have expected from these performers!  Part 2 also highlights the swinging side of the ‘50s ‐ three titles with definite right to be included!  Many original singles are sought after, hard to find and often very expensive!  Six tracks officially on CD for the first time!  Notes by Roland Heinrich. Please, note: German language liner note



  1. Black Boy Jackie ‐ Paul Würges & seine Rocking All Stars
  2. Caldonia ‐ Bill Ramsey
  3. Rock‐A‐Beatin' Boogie ‐ Lutz Dietmar
  4. Kissin' King ‐ Emanuel & Leon Ardy's Hit‐Cockers
  5. Steiler Zahn (Nag) ‐ Oliver Twist & The Happy Twisters
  6. Sie ist das schönste Girl ‐ The Gisha Brothers
  7. Memphis, Tennessee ‐ Ted Hiller
  8. Mädchenschreck (Runaway) ‐ John Dattelbaum
  9. Hallo, My Baby ‐ Bob Gerry
  10. Crazy Boy ‐ Ted Herold
  11. Versprich mir nichts ‐ Little Gerhard
  12. Eine Party bei mir ‐ Marika Rökk
  13. For You My Love ‐ Wolfgang Sauer
  14. Rock Baby Rock ‐ Lutz Dietmar
  15. Woo‐Hoo ‐ Werner Müller & Die Woo‐Hoos
  16. Betty Jean ‐ The Rattles
  17. So ein komisches Gefühl (Got A Funny Feeling) ‐ Harry Glück
  18. Schade um die Rosen ‐ Jack Finey
  19. Liebe kälter als Eis (Debil in Disguise) ‐ Rex Gildo
  20. Jumpin' Run ‐ The Pralins 21 Die Liebesmedizin (Love Potion No. 9) ‐ Mama Betty's Band
  21. Du hast soviel Sex‐Appeal ‐ Billy Sanders
  22. Shake, Baby, Shake (Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On) – Little Gerhard & His Swedish G‐Men
  23. Fräulein Gerda ‐ Billy Mo
  24. Mr. Tschang aus Chinatown ‐ Die Javalins
  25. Sugaree ‐ Jörg Maria Berg
  26. Moon Dance ‐ The Moon Riders
  27. Bu Bu Bi Du ‐ The Cry'n Strings
  28. Hey Little Girl (Wheew) ‐ Ted Herold
  29. Big Fat Mama ‐ Bill Ramsey
  30. Bist du noch mein Baby (Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby) ‐ Frank Olsen
  31. Heute geh' ich nicht nach Hause (Hound Dog) ‐ Ralf Bendix