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Various Artists


limited yellow 10" + booklet + glossy diner print

Released: 6th Aug 2021


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For the first time on a vinyl LP, Bear Family releases 1950s masters of two California‐based record companies!  John Pusateri from Louisiana moved to the West Coast in the 1920s and first founded Bella Records in San José and then Blue Moon Records in Santa Clara in 1957.

 For this project we have selected the rockiest recordings of Johnny Amelio, Chuck Royal, Joe Gradie and other fine rockers.  The booklet provides extensive liner notes, detailed discographical information,  rare photos, and a detailed history of the Blue Moon and Bella labels.  Carefully restored and remastered recordings. Tells one of those stories that record collectors dream about! For the Bella and Blue Moon companies, in addition to better known musicians like Johnny Amelio, the Savoys and Gradie O'Neal, less successful colleagues like Buddy Bennett, Chuck Royal, Joe Jaros and the Empala Six recorded, all of them producing great songs in their day. With most of the original master tapes lost forever, the majority of masters have been dubbed from rare and hard‐to‐find original singles (45s), carefully restored and remastered to match Bear Family's quality standards as closely as possible.

Various Artists


  1. Jo Ann ‐ Jo Ann ‐ Johnny Amelio
  2. Baby 'Oh' Baby ‐ Gradie O'Neal & The Bella Tones
  3. I've Got A Baby ‐ Clyde Arnold & The Sharps
  4. Blue Moon Keep On Shining ‐ Chuck Royal & The Sharpsters
  5. Bon Bon Baby ‐ Joe Jaros & His Orchestra
  6. Bom Du Wa ‐ Toby & Ray
  7. Gonna Be Loved ‐ Linda & The Epics
  8. Turkey Neck Stretch ‐ Gradie O'Neal & The Bella Tones
  9. Jugue ‐ The Downbeats feat. Johnny Amelio
  10. Scrounge ‐ Clyde Arnold & The Sharps
  11. The Mortal Monster Man ‐ The Savoys
  12. You're Like A Butterfly ‐ Chuck Royal & The Sharpsters