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Gloss Drop



Released: 6th Jun 2011



Released: 6th Jun 2011


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having been obsessed with 2007’s ‘mirrored’, the anticipation for the band’s 2nd full length here was running high. the sonically intense  rhythmic new york  juggernaut have established themselves as one of the most exciting bands of recent years & although they have sadly lost the creative force of ‘frontman’ tyondai braxton, they have nevertheless succeeded in delivering an album that is unmistakably battles. the album ranges from lead track ‘ice cream’, a “grunty, squelchy, jubilant freakout” (according to the nme) through to denser, more industrial tracks (‘my machines’, featuring gary numan, is a prime example) – at times playful, at times hard-edged & definitely a bit more danceable, all driven by the consistently unmatchable drumming of john stanier (ex-helmet, tomahawk). braxton’s vocals have been replaced by a host of guest vocalists, ranging from numan to kazu from blonde redhead & yamataka eye from boredoms. a relentlessly paced, thrilling ride! “a breathlessly entertaining record” 4/5 – mojo.

Gloss Drop