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Boards Of Canada

Trans Canada Highway

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CD - £7.99
originally released in 2006, this ep is now reissued on 140g vinyl, pressed from the original metalwork.
Boards Of Canada


gatefold 3lp with etching - £27.99
spectral machine music balancing short vignettes with longer tracks - the scottish duo's sophomore effort remains continues to deliver evocative, mournful, ...
The Campfire Headphase
  1. Into The Rainbow Vein
  2. Chromakey Dreamcoat
  3. Satellite Anthem Icarus
  4. Peacock Tail
  5. Dayvan Cowboy
  6. A Moment Of Clarity
  7. 84 Pontiac Dream
  8. Sherbet Head
  9. Oscar See Through Red Eye
  10. Ataronchronon
  11. Hey Saturday Sun
  12. Constants Are Changing
  13. Slow This Bird Down
  14. Tears From The Compound Eye
  15. Farewell Fire

Boards Of Canada

The Campfire Headphase

  • gatefold 2lp

    Released: 21st Oct 2013


changing few of their methods but more of their sounds - the key difference between this 2005 record & its predecessors is the advent of unprocessed, recognisable guitars.

still in effect - & still never equalled anywhere else - is the pair's ability to make electronic music that not only evokes a much earlier period in music, but sounds as though it was last issued decades in the past as well. intentionally aged & mistreated, the productions evoke the image of a reel-to-reel machine's 1/4" magnetic tape steadily disintegrating as it plays for the last time. the long gestation period of this material is also a hallmark of boards of canada, & it shows in the attention to detail. no production escapes their hexagon sun studio without being slaved over, & consequently ‘the campfire headphase’ still sounds immaculately produced.