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Bon Iver

Bon Iver



Released: 20th Jun 2011


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4 - resident top picks of 2011

so, if ever there was an album that we residents could deem to be highly anticipated, it would be this one.

when justin vernon emerged from the wilds of wisconsin in 2008 with his bon iver project & the startling debut album ‘for emma, forever ago’, we were quite simply dumbfounded by its beauty & it has gone on to be the shop’s best-selling record – one of the most amazing records made in the past……well,…….ever. so, can that cabin fever be recreated for a second helping of magic? oh yes it can! from the outset, this is another very special record. it’s an exploration of sounds & ideas (many of which are drawn from 80’s sonics), fleshed out by the bon iver group (sean carey, mike noyce & matt mccaughan) & other contributors with strings, pedal steel, saxophone, altos & tenors, military snares, bicycle bells, synths & lush horns, all weaving & pulsing in & around vernon’s inimitable, haunting vocals. the result pulls together all of  justin’s previous work as bon iver & with volcano choir & gayngs into one glorious whole, a proper, progressive album – so much more than just a collection of songs - a completely captivating, unique & unprecedented listen. wow! “widescreen, intimate & glorious…possesses all of the austere beauty & understated emotiveness of its predecessor” 5/5 – uncut.


Bon Iver

  1. Perth            
  2. Minnesota, WI           
  3. Holocene            
  4. Towers            
  5. Michicant            
  6. Hinnom, TX        
  7. Wash.            
  8. Calgary            
  9. Lisbon, OH
  10. Beth/Rest