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Second Nature
  1. Indri Eyes
  2. Make It Slow
  3. Bowerbird & Parsley
  4. Hippo Dance
  5. The Immortal Toad
  6. Formosan Rock (feat. Yutie Lee)
  7. Sferics & Whistlers
  8. Owling Gorilla
  9. Elephant Laser Hopper
  10. Leviathan Chant
  11. Philomela's Revenge
  12. The Griffin Gaze
  13. Blood Garden
  14. Kepler-39


Second Nature

  • 2LP

    Released: 8th Oct 2021


This is a record about our relationship to nature: How do we perceive it, how do we represent it in the western world? Why was it separated from us, from culture? How can we create a new relationship in an era of major environmental challenges? It took 5 years for Joakim to complete this album, especially to collect all the field recordings that populate the fauna and flora of this immersive record where he goes back to his roots in IDM, Classical Music, avant-garde Pop and Ambient.

Through 16 tracks, Joakim explores a world of sounds that blur the line between the natural and the artificial, a psychedelic journey on a modern Noah’s Ark. The album is also the most collaborative work of Joakim so far. In a time of pandemic isolation, he reached out to a wide range of contributors, from American experimental drummer Greg Fox to conceptual Taiwanese artist Yutie Lee, from Chicago Jazz new ambassador Angel Bat Dawid to Italian philosopher Emanuele Coccia. Besides the album, Second Nature will also be presented as a sound and video installation including multiple simultaneous video projections and a spatialized 3D sound environment based on the record