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Los Bitchos

Let The Festivities Begin!


limited "christmas bonus edition" red LP + flexi 7"

Released: 18th Nov 2022


limited 140g light green lp

Released: 4th Feb 2022


out of stock


Released: 4th Feb 2022


dinked 151 - very limited (500 only)* light blue 140g lp* in hand-numbered sleeve* + “Los Bitchos Party Bag” including Postcards, Stickers, Patch & more... * + download - 1 per customer

Released: 4th Feb 2022


out of stock


Released: 4th Feb 2022


Let the festivities begin indeed! Rumbling along like the best of times, this riotous instrumental debut from 4 lasses, travels around the globe.

Blending Peruvian chicha, Argentine cumbia, Turkish psych, surf guitars, 60s psychedelia, garage rock & indie pop, they are currently one of the most celebrated live bands around. Produced by Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos, the album has a fabulous, kinetic energy. All hailing from different parts of the world but united in London, they’ve been hailed as “London’s answer to Khruangbin, if Khruangbin spent all weekend getting slammed on cheap tequila in a Dalston dive bar”. That’s a dive bar we’d wanna hang in for sure!

Let The Festivities Begin!

limited "christmas bonus edition" red lp + flexi

  1. The Link Is About To Die
  2. I Enjoy It
  3. Pista (Fresh Start)
  4. FFS
  5. Tropico
  6. Las Panteras
  7. Good to Go!
  8. Change of Heart
  9. Tripping at a Party
  10. Try the circle!
  11. Lindsay Goes to Mykonos


Dinked 151

  • Light blue 140g vinyl * 
  • “Los Bitchos Party Bag” including Postcards, Stickers, Patch & more... *
  • Hand numbered sleeve *
  • Limited pressing of 500 *
*#DinkedEdition EXCLUSIVE