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Released: 3rd Dec 2021


the paramore drummer's extracurrciular lp is a joyous, disco-lined triumph of a record which lives comfortably on the shelf next to artists such as BECK, THE FLAMING LIPS and THE DANDY WARHOLS.

12 dreamlike numbers make up MOTIF. Each expertly crafted and distilled with love, melody and the sweet soulful sound of yesteryear. Where some may have lost the art of "the album", Farro certainly has not. MOTIF is a soundtrack from another world, from another time… a record to lose yourself in with every listen.



  1. Introduction
  2. Superstition
  3. Two Of Us
  4. She Don’t Care
  5. That’s Just Why
  6. Love In New York
  7. Not The Man
  8. The Naked Eye
  9. I Think I’ve Fallen For You
  10. Ordinary Misery
  11. Right On Time
  12. Last Day On Earth