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USA Nails

No Pleasure (2022 reissue)



Released: 28th Jan 2022


11 furious tracks that see the band expanding on noise-rock and punk, as well as exploring new territories in post- punk and kraut-rock.

Infuenced by the likes of The Jesus Lizard, Wire and Neu among others, the quartet have crafted a record that sits comfortably among the work of esteemed contemporaries like Pissed Jeans. 'No Pleasure' offers a smarter, grittier and catchier uptick than previous releases. The album was recorded live in one room across two days with Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios (also responsible for Sonic Moist) to ensure that every ounce of musk and vibrant intensity from their live show was captured. It is a clear step forward in ambience, production quality and dynamics for the band.

No Pleasure (2022 reissue)


  1. I Am Normal
  2. Palm Them Off With Me
  3. You're a Stain
  4. You Sing For Yourself
  5. They'd Name An Age
  6. Laugh It Up
  7. Automated Cyst
  8. Holiday
  9. Make Me Art
  10. I Am in a Van
  11. I Cannot Drink Enough