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half man half biscuit

The Voltarol Years



Released: 29th Jul 2022



Released: 25th Feb 2022


If you like your rabble sturdily roused then look no further.

These Birkenhead legends hop up their fierce class-fighting folk-punk with a charm, fire, & penchant for hilarity that is as likely to fuel a picket line as it is to entertain a Friday night beer-swilling crowd.

The Voltarol Years

  1. I'm Getting Buried In The Morning
  2. Rogation Sunday's Here Again!
  3. Awkward Sean
  4. Tess Of The Dormobiles
  5. Grafting Haddock In The George
  6. Big Man Up Front
  7. When I Look At My Baby
  8. Beneath This Broken Headstone
  9. In A Suffolk Ditch
  10. Persian Rug Sale At The URC
  11. Midnight Mass Murder
  12. Token Covid Song
  13. Slipping The Escort
  14. Oblong Of Dreams