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Julianna Barwick

The Magic Place

Asthmatic Kitty


Released: 2nd May 2011


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an astonishing piece of work - this nine track, 43 minute album is a cinematic journey through glacial pacing and drifting drones; the occasional icy down-plink of piano, julianna's gorgeous church house sigh of a voice, a swell of a dozen voices rising in harmony. the ‘magic place’ is the 3rd record from julianna barwick & the first to be released by asthmatic kitty. this is music from the inside of the fortress of solitude, the work of a solitary creator, a message from a crystal palace of reverb & avant-choral bliss. almost entirely constructed from julianna’s looped, treated & deconstructed vocals, the overall atmosphere is both haunting yet joyful. drifting out of the speakers like distant hymns, the narcotic detachment is somewhat reminiscent of grouper. undoubtedly one of the most beautiful records you’ll hear in 2011 & it’s earned much love amongst us residents. super high recommendation!

The Magic Place