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Aldous Harding


very limited 7" - 1 per customer - £7.99
Known and loved by fans as the stunning track that closes her live show, Aldous Harding finally releases ‘Old Peel’.
Aldous Harding


lp - £19.99
A grand, composed and pastoral acid folk record that sees the New Zealander shed her gothic mantle to deal in lustrous melodies.
Aldous Harding


lp - £21.99
the Auckland songstress wowed us with her debut but with her 4ad signing & this set of sinister torch songs, gentle laments & eerie odes, she has steppe...

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CD + two-sided poster - £11.99 | Buy

Cassette in 4-panel j-card - £9.99 | Buy
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Warm Chris



  1. Ennui
  2. Tick Tock
  3. Fever
  4. Warm Chris
  5. Lawn
  6. Passion Babe
  7. She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain
  8. Staring at the Henry Moore
  9. Bubbles
  10. Leathery Whip

Aldous Harding

Warm Chris

  • limited lp

    Released: 25th Mar 2022

  • cd

    Released: 25th Mar 2022


An oblique, lyrical & poetic song cycle that feels like it’s from another dimension - timeless in the truest sense.

Harding uses Nico-like delivery, folk sensibilities, & a singular eccentricity to deliver a record that takes pop music to new worlds. Every track here feels like she’s uncovering a fresh & inventive pathway to travel down, using the words more for their tonality than their meaning, allowing a form of expression akin to Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser. It’s a sublime piece that shows that like contemporaries Jesca Hoop, Cate Le Bon or Dana Gavanski, Harding is continuing to push through the boundaries of her sound.