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Porridge Radio

Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers (2020 reissue)

CD - £11.99 | Buy
Back by popular demand, Memorials of Distinction is rereleasing Porridge Radio's shed-recorded debut album on a limited pressing of clear vinyl and CD.
Porridge Radio

Every Bad

cd - £9.99 | Buy
As many of us have followed them around for years, we predicted big things for these Brighton locals but we never suspected they had something quite this specia...

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Dry Cleaning


white lp - £24.99 | Buy
CD - £12.99 | Buy
The music is more expansive (but still stretched taut), the melodies are still subtle (but more spacious) & Florence Shaw even sings a bit (not much, mind)....

Welcome Break

lp + download - £21.99 | Buy
'welcome break' isn’t afraid to speak out, take lead, and instigate a liberated revolution-come-bliss-out; it'sYet another master-class in eff...
goat girl

On All Fours

limited indies only transparent pink 2lp - £21.99 | Buy
2lp - £19.99 | Buy
Their inventive blend of sci-fi synthesisers, off-beat chord progressions, analogue drum machines, diverse vocal styles and distinct, gritty guitars fuse a musi...
Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky

  1. Back To The Radio
  2. Trying
  3. Birthday Party
  4. End Of Last Year
  5. Rotten
  6. U Can Be Happy If U Want To
  7. Flowers
  8. Jealousy
  9. I Hope She’s OK 2
  10. Splintered
  11. The Rip
  12. Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky

Porridge Radio

Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky

Secretly Canadian
  • very limited indies only baby pink lp in alternate cover

    Released: 20th May 2022


Porridge Radio passion runs deep at Resident & for good reason! Fuzzy guitars, piercing synths, relatable lyrics all topped off with one of themost unique voices on the circuit.

Dana’s ability to convey emotion is mesmerising and makes every lyric hit with 100 times the force.