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The Painter
  1. Duende (feat. Katie Melua)
  2. Bank Of Wildflowers (feat. Georgia)
  3. I Paint What I See (feat. Beth Orton
  4. William Orbit & Hukwe Zawose - Heshima kwa Hukwe
  5. Nuestra Situación (feat. Lido Pimienta)
  6. The Diver (feat. Natalie Walker)
  7. William Orbit & Polly Scattergood - Colours Colliding
  8. Gold Coast
  9. Second Moon
  10. Promethean Lies (feat. Ali Love)
  11. Planet Sunrise
  12. No Other World (feat. Beth Orton)
  13. Free Glo (feat. Gloria Kaba and Laurie Mayer)
  14. I Paint What I See (feat. Beth Orton) (Epic Mix) (Indies VINYL EXCLUSIVE TRACK)

William Orbit

The Painter

warner music
  • 180g 2LP

    Released: 26th Aug 2022

  • CD

    Released: 26th Aug 2022


William Orbit returns with his first new album in over eight years.

Entitled ‘The Painter’ it is unmistakeably William Orbit and features vocal collaborations from an array of artists including Katie Melua, Beth Orton, Georgia, Polly Scattergood, Ali Love and more.