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issue 3

magazine + exclusive cd - £11.99
The necessary third issue of Moonbuilding.



castles in space
  • magazine + cd

    Released: 29th Jul 2022


Colin Morrison’s Castles In Space label has launched a new publishing venture in the shape of Moonbuilding mag.

The A5, 48-page full-colour title is fronted by former Electronic Sound commissioning editor Neil Mason and comes with a 13-track sampler CD featuring previews from forthcoming CiS releases and a number of exclusive tracks.While Moonbuilding is a Castles In Space publication, it also covers a raft of like-minded DIY labels and artists. The debut issue stars I Monster/The Sound Of Science’s Dean Honer. The cover image was created by the scene’s go-to illustrator Nick Taylor, who is also the guest designer for the in-depth cover feature itself. The rest of the mag has been put together - in true fanzine style - by Neil Mason. ”The fine art degree wasn’t a total waste of time then,” he says. Inside there’s interviews with The Grid/Hive Mind’s Richard Norris, the BAFTA-winning composer Kenny Inglis, Woodford Halse’s Mat Handley and Lavender Sweep’s Ant Jones. There’s reviews of the latest releases from CiS and labels including Clay Pipe Music, Sonic Cathedral, Prole Art Threat, Preston Capes, Quatermass and Buried Treasure. Moonbuilding welcomes The Orb’s Alex Paterson as a columnist and is home for an all-new adventure from Steven Appleby’s Captain Star who first appeared in NME in 1986 and enjoyed spells both in The Observer and SFX mag.