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Gilla Band

most normal

Rough Trade

limited blue lp

Released: 7th Oct 2022



Released: 7th Oct 2022



Released: 7th Oct 2022


Gilla Band boil down anxiety to its purest form.

Tightly wound, neurotic, head pulsating. The minute you find sure footing, you realise the rug’s already been pulled. A propulsive, claustrophobic, jarringly explosive new experiment in stretching noise rock until it snaps back.

most normal


  1. The Gum
  2. Eight Fivers
  3. Backwash
  4. Gushie
  5. Binliner Fashion
  6. Capgras
  7. The Weirds
  8. I Was Away
  9. Almost Soon
  10. Red Polo Neck
  11. Pratfall
  12. Post Ryan