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rozi plain


Memphis Industries

limited indies only clear lp - 1 per customer

Released: 13th Jan 2023



Released: 13th Jan 2023



Released: 13th Jan 2023


Dinked 220 - hand numbered translucent "streetlamp orange" lp in alternate sleeve + wall planner (500 only)

Released: 13th Jan 2023


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Rozi plain will be playing a show instore on release day - for entry, head here.

on her 5th album (& her 2nd dinked edition), rozi strips things back to their essence to reveal their innate beauty. her singular unaffected vocal, a self-built electric-guitar & cyclical meditative patterns of plucked staccato figures are crafted into a quietly complex & entrancing set of gently askew songs. love her!

rozi has assembled her widest cast of players to create an album that not only preserves the intimacy of her signature guitar-&-vocal sound, but accentuates these moments of calm & explosive emotion, midst a soaring, collective spirit. from the blissful vocals of this is the kit’s kate stables & alabaster deplume’s soft saxophone on ‘agreeing for two’, to the call-&-response vocals on ‘prove your good’; from the expansive instrumentation & ornately co-ordinated arrangements of help' & ‘sore’, to the sublime synth celebration explorations of ‘painted the room’ & the woozy jazz-inflected ‘spot thirteen’; there’s a sense of togetherness throughout ‘prize‘. and we’re very happy to join in once again.

for fans of: this is the kit / rachael dadd / bess atwell / laura groves / jesca hoop / a.o. gerber





  1. Agreeing For Two
  2. Complicated
  3. Help
  4. Prove Your Good
  5. Conversation
  6. Painted The Room
  7. Sore
  8. Spot Thirteen
  9. Standing Up
  10. Blink