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resident tote bag

classic logo - black

black logo tote bag - £6.00 | Buy
the new classic tote.
resident tote bag

classic logo - rainbow

tote bag - £10.00 | Buy
Breaking free from our monochromatic / muted comfort zone, we've decked out our record luggers / packed lunch carriers / beach provision bags inall the colo...
resident tote bag

Recycled sling with popper - black

black tote bag - £10.00 | Buy
the little black tote.
resident tote bag

shop illustration - yellow

tote bag - £6.00
You know us record shop people traditionally embrace the darkness more readily than the light, but sometimes we all need a bit of colour in our life, eh?.
"nerdiest" - natural


resident tote bag

"nerdiest" - natural

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Our Julian doffed his thinking cap and came up with this clever little anagram!

Lovingly screen printed onto 100% natural totes, we're pleased as punch to wear our nerdy side with pride.