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Turn On The Bright Lights


lp (reissue)

Released: 5th Mar 2012



Released: 19th Aug 2002


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with swells of tension & darkness throughout, this joy division inspired classic from 2002 is an unquestionable classic of its era.

this debut from the new york quartet really set them apart from other post-punk revivalists with their own special & endearing blend of melancholy. "forget the new york state of mind: interpol have crossed county lines into new, distinctly mancunian territory" – nme, "echoes of bunnymen, a smidgen of smiths, lots of joy division" – spin.

Turn On The Bright Lights


  1. Untitled
  2. Obstacle 1
  3. NYC
  4. PDA
  5. Say Hello To The Angels
  6. Hands Away
  7. Obstacle 2
  8. Stella Was A Diver And She
  9. Was Always Down
  10. Roland
  11. The New
  12. Leif Erikson