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obsessed with music? love working as part of a busy team? got an unshakable work ethic?
if so, ever thought about joining us this side of the counter? we’re always on the lookout for dedicated, enthusiastic & motivated new residents.


>> any current openings will be posted at the end of this page <<

if you don't see an opening that suits you but you still believe you have lots to offer us, please click this link to answer some basic questions & to submit your cv and cover letter.

we're always keen to hear from talented people who love what we do as much as we love what we do. if you're keen to work with us, be it on the counter or in one of the huge variety of behind the scenes roles, you should make sure you register your interest with us. 

resident was set up in 2004. since then we have added 26+ residents to the team, have more than doubled in shopfloor size, have installed one of the largest vinyl ranges in the country, have set up a successful website & thriving international mail order business, have been a long term member of the record store day board, have co-founded dinked edition (an alliance of indie record shops who sell limited special pressings of albums), have taken on a large office space & put on loads of promotional live events, both instore & in local venues. all of this is driven by a team of 26+ residents who are constantly looking to improve, expand & change up the business so that we can embrace opportunities that come our way & more importantly, create lots of our own opportunities. 

the music industry is fast paced, relentless, passionate, chaotic & challenging. it means that no 2 days are the same & we thrive on that. working in indie retail, at the frontline of the physical music market, buliding fanbases & customer relations, requires a lot of energy but it's a constant buzz. we get to work with great people & exciting product in a stimulating environment.

we are an ambitious business that never sits still so we need to be constantly working with inspiring & talented people who can help us to 
continue to grow & develop & improve & retain our music week awards title of "best independent record shop 2022". 

current openings :

we do not currently have any openings.