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Hania Rani


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Rani sits outside classification and genre, but the alluring ‘Ghosts’ has an innately familiar feel to it.
Hania Rani

Music for Film and Theatre

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The neoclassical marvel has self-curated this retrospective of her own favourites, which she composed for numerous film & theatre soundtracks over the years...
Hania Rani


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the gifted pianist follows up a lustrous debut with this pivotal record on which she introduces her own crystalline vocals and subtle synth textures, adding fur...
On Giacometti



  1. Allegra
  2. Spring
  3. Stampa
  4. Struggle
  5. Morning
  6. In Between
  7. Knots
  8. Dreamy
  9. Storm
  10. Time
  11. Mountains
  12. Annette
  13. Alberto

Hania Rani

On Giacometti

gondwana records
  • cd

    Released: 28th Apr 2023

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"On Giacometti" is a collection of beautiful recordings inspired by the renowned artist and family and features some of Rani's most profoundly delicate compositions to date.

Invited by film director Susanna Fanzun, to score her forthcoming documentary on the legendary artist Alberto Giacometti, Hania Rani took herself to the Swiss mountains to compose in blissful isolation. As Rani explains eloquently below the compositions are based on improvised melodies, simple harmonies and structures and inspired by the silence of the mountains as Rani returns to her main instrument, the piano. The results are beguilingly reminiscent of her beloved debut album Esja, but with subtle extra layers of synthesiser, and on two tracks cello from friend and long-running collaborator Dobrawa Czocher.